Furniture and glass structures


when, over twenty years ago, in Bologna
we started thinking about the project Vetreria Bazzanese
we had one thing clear in mind:
offering a different service from those already existing on the market.
we began by analyzing customers’ expectations
and the answer was: accuracy, care and speed.
afterwards, our work and
research have focused not only
on the constant improvement of these three characteristics,
that in the meantime we had started doing our own way,
but most of all to our vocation for the study of products and finishes,
aimed at enabling architects to explore new and
interesting worlds
changing the history and life of Glass,
allowing it to go beyond its unchanging use,
giving it with a thousand facets
unknown to the general public.
we don’t follow a flat line,
we push beyond the limits, offering a living and lively
a unique journey with thousands of souls to catch…
we are always free to experiment

Made in Italy products by Vb
provide a complete service
to the top

fashion retail

Expertise and
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there is a story
that more than any other conveys the meaning of our job,
telling us how much a passion will affect our future.
It is the story of ordinary men,
united and seduced by a material that retains,
unchanged over time, its charm.
with our hands,
used to manipulate craftsmanship,
we renew Glass, day by day,
trying to modernize it
with creative inventions, architectural and decorative solutions.
this is our story,
a universal story, it is the story of man,
of whoever dreams of turning ideas into reality;
It is a story where artisanship merges with technology,
ancient knowledge with sophisticated robotic
movement, the accurate care for products with speed.
we listen to the emotions in our customers’ words,
we are ready to capture nuances, fears, pleasures and
desires… their problems become our problems:
there are now more arms and hearts to seek solutions
never found before.
vb is a world where the interplay between history and
modernity is an evolving trend,
with evergreen styles and innovative creations
intertwining more and more.
this is what we do…


1. our R&D office develops customized products and samples
2. prototypes
3. quotations
4. metric survey
5. whole production line inside our plants
6. worldwide deliveries and shipping
7. installation service with our specialized teams
8. consulting and technical assistance
9. response to urgent needs

the mission of Vetreria Bazzanese is
to guarantee the best possible product and
service quality
to everyone,
meet your need of uniqueness
with limitless customizations
by manipulating materials and finishing touches.
we do extensive research on “made in Italy”
products with
aesthetic appeal and innovative design.
we give life and shape to our passion for our job
and for glass
we love what we do, because only if you love
what you do
you can get a really good result.