Glass grinding


Freshly cut glass has an irregular and sharp edge, which can be chamfered, smoothed and polished by grinding. This technique, done manually or with CNC and straight-line machines, enables to produce different outcomes according to the procedure used. With this processing, you can obtain the following different kinds of polished edges: inclined grinding or bevel with an angle ranging from 0 to 45° round polished edge and bullnose: the glass edge is round and polished flat polished edge: the glass edge is polished and perpendicular to the surface unpolished edge: done exactly like polished edge but the edge appears opaque Moreover, another processing done with CNC and straight-line machines is bevelling, a special technique to grind glass edges from 10 to 50 mm in height, for a standard angle ranging from to 5° to 15° with respect to the glass surface.