Glass sandblasting


Sandblasting can be applied to any kind of glass or mirror sheet. With this technique, patterns playing on black-and-white and empty-and-full effects can be designed, enabling to create impressive decorations. Artistic decorations, etchings and glazing can be realized or the glass surface can simply be opacified to remove the glass transparency without impairing its brightness. In Vetreria Bazzanese, the sandblasting technique reaches its highest levels, also thanks to the realization of bas-relief decorations creating a multi-level surface, artistic and linear decorations. Furthermore, customized patterns can be created by using adhesive films called masks; each mask is applied and completely hand-worked by skilled craftsmen in order to design a unique and impeccable product. The glass processed with this technique has a variety of uses: doors, dividing panels, shower boxes, glass surfaces for tables, mirrors, but also companies’ logos etched on glass walls.