About us

Two similar minds come together, two personalities and two different professional experiences with one unique and precise entrepreneurial idea. And that is how was born Vetreria Bazzanese.
The founding partners, were able to transform a small artisanal workshop into one of the most important flat glass working companies in Italy. It has undergone constant evolution, which only a great passion for this sublime material could have made possible. It is so much more than a job: a real mission for glass art and quality



Our Philosophy

The main value of VB Vetreria Bazzanese is customer satisfaction . Our staff follows a rigorous and precise procedure for each client, whether it is a company or a private customer.
The observance of delivery dates is another essential value that makes the company credible and serious in the eyes of the market and a guarantee for the customer.
All work is subject to stringent quality control to provide the highest quality and precision. With innovative techniques and special processes, VB follows every stage of protopia together with the client and offers assistance in every stage of development of its projects.
There is an underlying thought that drives us, an essential leitmotiv: to satisfy each and every client. Whether it is a large company or a private customer, their satisfaction has always been our goal.